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verified-residentKathleen K. and Bruce W.
"The best community ever!"

I have owned property in SLV for the past five years. We visit at least once a year and will build our new home this coming fall. I cannot wait! The community is beautiful, but the people are what make SLV appealing. We will start a new chapter of life when we move to SLV, and we could not be happier and more excited!

UPDATE: We have just relocated to SLV this past month. The hospitality of this community has been amazing! We spent a wonderful evening at Tara's River Grille with the Southwind neighborhood dinner. The food was fabulous and the new friends, even better! Moving here was the BEST decision we could have ever made! We feel like we are already truly "home"! Thank you, everyone, for welcoming us to this community :)

"Super people, wonderful area, plenty to do if you want!"

After looking at property all over the U.S. for several years, we ended up buying our first lot in Savannah Lakes Village in 1990. Subsequently we sold that, bought another, sold that, and finally found the one that best fit our changing needs and home design. After retiring in 2000 we moved into SLV, built our home and have never regretted our decision once. The community, countryside, wildlife and most importantly the people, are absolutely beyond anything we ever could have hoped for. While the economic situation during the past few years has been challenging, SLV has remained strong and continues to improve its amenities while maintaining our existing facilities. Any given community may not be best for everyone but, SLV is definitely worth investigation.

Bruce S.
"Where Else Would You Want To Be?"

What a wonderful place to live. We love being able to see the stars at night without light polution, meet friends on the water or at one of the clubhouses, hike, play golf or take advantage of the many other outdoor activities available. The best part of living in Savannah Lakes however is our people. You can't beat having friends.

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