Affordability and Convenience

If you are accustomed to expensive property taxes and the costs of living in a modern urban or suburban community, you may be surprised to learn how affordable it is to live in Savannah Lakes Village. Homes are generally holding their value here, but the McCormick County property taxes are relatively low. SLV stands in favorable comparison for most private communities and neighborhoods in other parts of the country. When you compare SLV to other lakefront private communities, the SLV advantage is even stronger. From our member-owned amenities to the county-maintained roads, SLV provides the right mix of affordability and convenience.

Building Your Lifestyle

SLV is a common-interest community, and all property owners pay assessments to help provide for common amenities. There are also usage fees for enjoying the various amenities like our golf courses, club restaurants, recreation center, and community docks. Our a la carte approach allows members to build the lifestyle they want. We also have Unlimited Play annual user programs to provide value for those who are avid golfers or users of the Recreation Center amenities.

Putting It All Together

Any real estate agent familiar with SLV can assist you with navigating these fees and assembling your lifestyle. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us or complete the form below to get in touch with our development partner.


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