About Curbside Mail Delivery

We are glad that you are researching the idea of owning property in our community!

As you conduct your research, please be aware that there are certain homesites affected by a recent USPS policy change resulting in such homesites being ineligible for curbside mail delivery at this time. The USPS continues to maintain their policy at this time despite the fact that all properties in SLV were platted, developed for curbside mode of delivery, and deeded/sold to individual buyers more than twenty-five years ago. For residents who have recently built on these particular homesites, USPS is requiring the use and rental of a post office box in order to receive mail at the McCormick Post Office. For more information, please contact the McCormick Postmaster at (864) 465-3696.

Please be sure to ask your sales agent or builder about this ongoing issue and become aware of the situation as you continue your research of our community.