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The Freshwater Coast is Where Georgia Meets South Carolina.

The Western Upstate of South Carolina is one of the best places for settling in the entire country. The temperate climate means residents enjoy four distinct seasons. The business-friendly tax and regulatory structure draws industry and individual alike. And we truly do have a slower pace of life. Sure, there are frenetic large metropolitan areas like Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, NC that are an easy drive from our area; but there are also hosts of idyllic small towns to provide easy access to services. 


The Upstate of South Carolina is a great place for the following:

  • Couples and families who are looking for a lower cost of living.

    The tax structure, real estate market, and transportation costs found in South Carolina work to give places like Savannah Lakes Village an advantageous cost of living when compared with other parts of the country.

  • People who are ready to leave the city.

    If the urban energy that drew you to the city has turned into the urban sprawl that is bleeding the life out of you, you may be ready to live in a place like Savannah Lakes Village.

  • Outdoor enthusiasts who want to live where they play.

    There’s something to be said for intentional green space in a city. But when you are ready to immerse yourself in hiking, biking, fishing, or wake boarding, imagine being within walking distance from your next adventure.

  • People looking for milder weather

    Tired of hurricane evacuations and the risk of flooding? What if you could get rid of your snowblower? Many residents of Savannah Lakes Village say the relatively mild weather here is a huge factor in why they moved to the community.

Savannah Lakes Village is situated halfway between the golden Carolina Beaches and the majestic Great Smokey Mountains in the heart of the Sumter National Forest.

Savannah Lakes Village, located on the shores of Lake Thurmond (also known as Clarks Hill Lake), is safely removed from hurricanes, high costs of living, and traffic congestion. Augusta, Atlanta, and Athens, Georgia, and Greenwood, Greenville, Columbia, and Anderson, South Carolina, along with many other towns and cities are all a short scenic drive from Savannah Lakes Village.

Distance From Regional Town/Cities

  • McCormick, SC | 5 Miles
    Daily shopping needs, antiques, arts, culture, medical clinics
  • Lincolnton, GA | 8 Miles
    Daily shopping needs, small town charm
  • Abbeville, SC | 24 Miles
    History, Antiques, Dining, the Abbeville Opera House
  • Washington, GA | 25 Miles
    History, Arts, Antiques
  • Greenwood, SC | 28 Miles
    Lander University, shopping, dining, healthcare
  • Evans, GA (Western Augusta Metro Area) | 31 Miles
    Augusta Metro Area shopping, healthcare
  • Augusta, GA (Eastern Augusta Metro Area) | 37 Miles
    Masters Tournament, arts, entertainment, regional airport
  • Aiken, SC | 55 Miles
    Equestrian community, culture, arts, entertainment
  • Athens, GA | 69 Miles
    University of Georgia, shopping, dining
  • Clemson, SC | 76 Miles
    Clemson University
  • Columbia, SC | 82 Miles
    University of South Carolina, entertainment, regional airport
  • Greenville, SC | 84 Miles
    Arts, shopping, entertainment, international airport
  • Atlanta, GA | 145 Miles
    Braves MLB team, Arts, shopping, entertainment, international airport
  • Asheville, NC | 157 Miles
    Great Smokey Mountains, arts, culture, Biltmore Estate
  • Charlotte, NC | 168 Miles
    Arts, Panthers NFL team, shopping, entertainment, international airport
  • Savannah, GA | 173 Miles
    Coastal city, arts, culture, history
  • Hilton Head, SC | 181 Miles
    Coastal vacation destination
  • Myrtle Beach, SC | 181 Miles
    Popular coastal vacation destination
  • Charleston, SC | 190 Miles
    Coastal vacation destination, arts, history, culture