We are a member-owned private community. The board of directors is made up of property owners elected by the members.

With the development of a common interest community such as Savannah Lakes Village, legal documents that establish and govern the operation of the association are established. The documents for SLV include the following:

Architectural Control Committee

The ACC is charged with determining and regulating the aesthetics for Savannah Lakes Village by determining what building styles, materials and modifications are acceptable to preserve the appearance and natural character of the community and protect property values of all Members. Property-Wide Standards specific to residential construction, to commercial construction, and applicable permit fees are below. They apply to both new construction and any modifications to existing structures:

All owners and builders are encouraged to preserve pre-existing mature trees, especially hardwoods.  Where pre-existing trees cannot be preserved, replacement tree recommendations can be found in the Recommended Tree List.

The ACC has prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document as a summary guide for some of the most often-received questions. Please click here to access that FAQ document. If you have other questions, or are considering to start a home construction or renovation project, please contact our Community Services office at (864) 391-4126 for assistance.

Member Handbooks & Club Rules

Handbooks provide general information about Savannah Lakes Village, its programs and services, and summarizes major policies and procedures. For further information, please contact the appropriate department. Click on the documents below to view our current handbooks.