Things To See Near SLV: Huguenot Place of Worship

September 17, 2020 / in Nature, Things to See /

The lush forested land and trails surrounding Savannah Lakes Village offer abundant opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. In addition to the beauty of our most prominent defining feature, Lake Thurmond, there are some smaller points of interest that those living in or visiting the Freshwater Coast will want to enjoy.

One such area is the Huguenot Site of Worship just off of Huguenot Parkway. The area is worth exploring for sure. But if you can't get there soon, enjoy these photos captured by SLV marketing director and photographer Andy Johnston.

huguenot-worship-site-003It's not every day you find a road named "1764 Worship Site."

This gravel road leads you about a mile from Huguenot Parkway toward the Site of Worship.

The SLV community is surrounded by the Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests.

The mix of mature pine and deciduous tress form a cathedral-like canopy over most of the area.

The gravel road opens up to a small parking area bordered with posts and some small signs advising no vehicle traffic beyond that point. Through the trees you can catch glimpses of a granite cross a few hundred feet away.

The clearing beyond the parking lot opens up into a solemn space with a single granite monument — a simple Greek cross on a pedestal.

At approximately 5 feet in height, the monument is tasteful yet significant.

huguenot-worship-site-015The base of the monument helps explain the reason for the memorial and identifies those responsible for placing it.

huguenot-worship-site-031At the time of this post, the monument has been standing for 83 years.

huguenot-worship-site-034It's a surreal experience seeing this place for the first time. The natural beauty is sumptuous, and there's almost a palpable sense of gravity considering the historical significance of the location.

This awe-inspiring memorial is even more impactful when you ponder the historical breadth. The French Huguenots who settled this area were remembered with this monument 173 years after they organized their congregation.

For lovers of the outdoors and lovers of history, a drive and walk exploring the Huguenot Worship Site is a worthy investment of time. And this is only one of the dozens of points of interest in and around Savannah Lakes Village.